The decking Listotech

Unique for its kind, thanks to the high-tech prestressed steel core and Adaxite material composition,  LISTOTECH contains the secret of a highly evolved technology: prestressing.

Known for over a century and now symbolic of great architectural works, LISTOTECH® revolutionizes its scope of application, mastering it and enclosing it in subtle elements with a thickness of only 3 cm. The technological innovation of Listotech is expressed in the possibility of using the pre-compression in an element of just 30 mm thick, 10 cm wide for a length of up to 4 m.

These dimensions and an excellent performance, make Listotech an important architectural element for projects of considerable aesthetic value, designed to last over time without requiring any maintenance. Listotech exploits a process of prestressing in which cables of harmonic steel, precharged to tensions around 1,000 kg, are covered by a special colored mixture which is allowed to solidify taking the form of a slat and, at this stage, incorporates the tension of the braid, immobilizing it.

The prestressing ensures that the plank, once solidified, remains elastic in the same way in which a wooden board flexes to the pressure and then returns to the origin point, leaving intact the element. This particular production process makes Listotech, despite the low thickness, has a high yield in terms of resistance to bending (flexing of 1 cm per meter), to the cut and to the efforts of load (a plank of one meter bears a breaking load of 140 kg downloaded in the center).

Designed to make the installation steps easy , LISTOTECH can be laid on the floor with both floating method (fixed legs or adjustable), both percolating (sand, gravel and lawn).
It can also be installed on the wall through a system of steel profiles and fixing elements specially studied.


Adaxite compound icon-adaxite

LISTOTECH is composed by Adaxite, a compound of QUARTZ, MARBLE, RESIN, 2% of hydraulic binder, equipped with high sulphates resistance (ARS) against infiltrating agents in critical environmental conditions.

The fine selection of mineral oxides, used to the whole mass to pigment LISTOTECH, provides a natural effect faded capable of giving an extremely dynamic visual accent, never flat, never repetitive.


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Ecology and Environment: 100% recyclable solution decking! icon-recycling

LISTOTECH is produced following an environment responsibility operating with last generation plants for filtering water in a production cycle.

Furthermore, Listotech does not use  high temperature furnaces in order to get the minimum CO2 emission. The raw materials are not derived from petroleum but all natural.

We are strongly convinced that the future is to create alternative materials to WOOD and PLASTIC, creating elements with totally natural materials and fully recyclable by anyone and not only from those who produce them.

LISTOTECH is 100% recyclable, does not contain plastic or wood and is non-flammable.

The decking does not require any kind of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, completely breaks down operating costs over time.