Planned and perfected to make floorings and covering outdoor stand out inside multiple architectural contexts, Wood Listotech and Decking Color enclose the true solution to all the flaws of common materials for outdoor. As Listotech Decking Quartz, we believe in reliability and so propose a product which can last a lifetime, with the target of creating an emotion that lingers in every day of your life.



By choosing floorings and coverings Listotech Wood it will be finally possible to match floorings in any material you chose for your indoor to a decking for outdoor, being able to choose, between 22 different essences, your customized wood effect. With the unique features of our decking for outdoor, you will be able to realize outdoor facades and flooring with wood effects that will give you the warmth and feeling of wood without losing it in the flow of time.


Should you choose to realize a flooring or a few outdoor facades, this line of decking for outdoor will surprise you with it’s versatility and naturalness. 6 shades will transform forever your floorings and coverings with their simplicity, making your outdoor stand out and give it the result of a decking that will never change with time. The features of Decking Color will make the best of every architectural planning.