As part of the Decking Color category, the Ice White model will be able to characterize your outdoor floors and walls, bringing the beauty of natural stone and its unquestionable durability. With this type of decking, creating exterior facades and floors that can give you an outdoor that will amaze you every day will be the easiest thing you can imagine.



There is something in the ice that lures us inexplicably, perhaps for its purity or because of the natural marvels that nature manages to create when a liquid solidifies in what looks like monuments massive, and yet with so much variety in their shapes. It’s observing the snowy mountains and the coldest environments, that we decided to create our Ice White color. Decking Color Ice White gets together at its best with the colors of an outdoor environment often exposed to the sun, near a body of water, and other light colors, where the contrast between all these elements makes this type of decking stand out in the floorings in which it’s installed.