Born from the desire to bring innovation to the decking market, Listotech Decking Quartz is the only manufacturer of outdoor that produce quartz and marble slats in the world and we are proud to bring made in Italy to a growing number of worldwide customers.



The company was founded by Precompressi S.p.a,, a multinational company that for over 60 years has been a leader in design and production of prestressed industrial elements. With a production space of 10,000 square meters, we use a cutting-edge technology that is at the base of our product: prestressing. The company’s capital is 20 million euros, and has a total of 60 employees.


Our company works with the utmost attention  in every step of production and in the pre-compression process of our products. A strict quality control is carried out from the first step in the composition of the material up to the last in which we supply the product to the customer. We strive not to simply sell a product but above all to satisfy every aesthetic and design requirement of every customer with quality and trust, two factors that we consider fundamental in the relationship with those who choose what we are and what we create.


The stone was next to us even before the fire and the great works of the past are the witnesses of our history being still present from immemorial time. For this reason we have chosen this path, by investing in it to realize our and your future. We have put into symbiosis two elements that are part of the stone itself: quartz and marble, symbols of natural wonder from which we still inspire and with which we produce a product that manages to inspire and make an emotion that can live every moments like the first one.